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our weekend

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we had a pretty darn good weekend!
it was a goody!

the moving sale was crazy!
you could barely walk through our three car garage... it was so full of stuff.
we were done... sold out... signs picked up... doors closed... by 10am!
two hours.
rain and all.
really after the first nutty hour it was slim pickings!

i have to say...
once again... i was all smiles the whole time!

some of the neatest people came by!
always refreshing... the spirit & kindness of people!

had some sweet friends sneak by too!
thanks yall!
you sure made the morning a happy one!

i got to talking to one lady... she was so fun... felt like we had lots in common...
one thing led to another...
come to find out she was a blogger too!
so fun!
i love her tag line "a chance discovery as funky meets vintage"...
her style... and her fun personality!
you just never know who you might bump into...
the ser.en.dip.i.ty of it all!

the girl's grandma... my mil... was here for the weekend too!
sure was great having her.
always a good time!
she and i had breakfast this morning before i had to drop her at the airport.
sure liked visiting with her!

we also lucked out when the sun came out for the day on sunday.
it was AWESOME!

we had a bit of a bump in our build process.
turns out the "custom" home subdivision we have the lot...
where we really want to build...
isn't so individually custom after all.
our elevation was not accepted.
we've been told it's more "inner loop"... has too much of a "modern" edge.
we had another drawn up... three actually... still... no go.
disappointed... for sure.
confident though... somehow... someway... it will all work out.
will share more later on this front.

we are down to two weeks now.
and the packers will be here.
it all seems SO surreal...
i can hardly believe we will be leaving.
this town has blessed us beyond measure!
what an experience!
what amazing people!
what a time in our life we will treasure!
now... here's to the fresh new week!
hoping it holds lots of promise & loads of smiles!

paper lanterns

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we had either rain or slushy freezing rain falling from the sky all weekend...
so... we wanted to make a little homemade sunshine.
bring about a little color!

do you remember making paper lanterns?
i do!
so simple... so easy... and so pretty!

i think we folded... and cut thirteen in all.
then the girls started punching and cutting out fun shapes to attach...
to make them even better.

i hate that i have allowed us to get so far away from crafts
since our house has been on the market.
my clean freak... what if someone calls... have to keep it show ready all the time...
mama mode tends to take over.
hearing lil bit say while cutting out a polka dot star...
"i loooooove crafting"
i have to say... made my heart hurt.
made me smile and laugh of course first but... then it made me feel awful!
ohhhhh.... the finding the balance of "house on the market" life once again!

SO glad we decided to make a paper and glue mess!
 darn house!
their smiles are way more important!

i thought it was awfully sweet that lil bit said they could go in campbell's room!
then they could sleep in there together under the string of lanterns.
great idea!

once we strung then up...
and they were dancing there all in a row...
campbell said "that is sooooo cool" with a big 'ol grin!
gotta love that coming from the mouth of a nine year old.

i'll just add that the paper & glue...
nothing... compared to messes that occurred this weekend!
it was a cooped up wild time!

and just like it flew by... the weekend was a blink wasn't it?
here's to monday!
and here's to the start of something good!
ReAlly good!
the week ahead... i'm convinced... is loaded with it!

rodeo fun

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i've been away so long... you'd think we got lost at the rodeo or something.
we sure did have lots of fun though...
and could have stood to be lost there a bit longer.

the pig races were great!
their little squeals... ohhhhhh so cute... you just wanted to hug 'em.
the girls got quite a big kick out of them!
and even got to hold a baby piglet!

lots of animals of course!
around every corner... something else fun to see!

or ride!

thinking now i wished i would have asked to take a ride!  darn!

of course we couldn't pass up face painting!

they were giddy about their new looks!
and i have to say... oh so cute!

they did some gem mining.

and some spinning too!

they said this was one of their favorite things!
making their way through the fun maze!

riley even decided to do a little mutton bustin'!
she is something else!
little spit fire!
she didn't even know what it was... hadn't even seen anyone do it...
just knew she wanted to ride a sheep!

before we knew it... it was time for the concert.
and for mama to embarrass them.
when tim mcgraw says "stand up and put your hands together"...
i do just that!
not to mention...
it was one of my very favorite country songs... indian outlaw!
campbell told me later... when she saw me jump up...
she thought i was going crazy... thought i had lost my mind!   ha!  :O)

and but of course...
the day would not be complete without a carnival stuffed animal on our way out!

it was a full day!
of fun!
and BIG smiles!
we can't wait for next year!