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the twenty fourth

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yesterday the two of us set out on the town… to do a little LAST MINUTE shopping.
a little mommy and me time was great!
even though the stores are hectic at this point…
there IS something about it that’s fun!

the roads were a bit messy… eight inches of fresh snow fell yesterday…
and it took us seeing one too many trucks slide off the road for us to say…
let’s go HOME!
not even my vehicle’s snow settings were making a difference.
i am not wild about that feeling… where you can not stop or control your truck!
it makes me a nervous bee!

once home we pulled out the wrapping supplies…

i love to wrap… and it sure makes it more fun when you have two little helpers.

there was one small problem though…
last night i discovered… that i CAN NOT FIND some gifts that i have hidden.
and i can report that as of this morning… they are STILL lost!
i have NO idea where i put them!
it’s crazy… i mean really… how hard can it be?
i am still on the look out… SO going to find ‘em!

i couldn’t help but think as we were wrapping…
just how fast the month seemed to pass.
here we were the night before Christmas eve… already!

it seems like we JUST started counting down
now only one envelope left!

this picture is for my gran-mama…
even though she’s in heaven now… i know she’s smiling.

she gave the girlies a bunch of her little wine glasses a few years back.
wanted them to be able to enjoy… toast… cheer… feel special all the time.
so at least once a week… they drink juice from their pretty stems…
and LOVE every minute of it.

after wrapping… toasting… a little crafting…
we all headed down to watch Polar Express and
have a popcorn… movie watching… “slumber party”.
the girlies were SO excited that we were all going to sleep on a pallet.

at 4 am… todd says to me… “this is for the birds”… :)…
thank goodness because i hadn’t even fallen asleep yet.
the floor was way too hard for us old fogies… so we headed upstairs to bed! 

this morning all the snow looks SO pretty!

but not as pretty as the snowflakes we made last night.  :)  ha
i have to say… i so had to google…
could not remember at all HOW in the world to fold the paper!

so today… is Christmas eve and my hubby’s birthday!
a very special day!
we have SO much to celebrate!

there ARE still things to be done… wrapped… prepared…
and i will admit… i can get flustered and overwhelmed!

as all the last minute things get tied up with bows and they will… they always do.
i want to keep at the forefront of my mind…
the why… the reason… the joy of it ALL!

ALL of these blessings… ALL of these gifts… are because of our savior!
we have so much BECAUSE of HIM!

big hugs to you ALL… and cheers to a wonderful Christmas EVE !