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advent and jack

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well... i may not have our home ready for Christmas yet... ha... at all... but...
i did manage to get our advent going.
and yes... i know... it's that ladder again.
there are so many neat ways... advent ideas... out there but...
i used it last year in a pinch and we loved it so much... we're using her again.
why not right.

i am loving these mini buckets.
they are tiny little things but...
they serve the purpose well i think...
and hold a small treat or note perfectly.

i have seen them lots of places... usually in the party/favor section.
wish i could tell you where i ordered these... it escapes me... been some time.
i originally ordered them to hold candles... with a moss base...
they are awfully cute like that too.

stuck some number stickers on their faces...
added a surprise inside...
a little pretty tissue...
tied 'em up with a pinch of ribbon...
and they are all ready to represent their day.

the girls were all too eager to get it started.
 i have to say... me too!

i am eager to get this cheer flying.
eager to get our tree this weekend.
get all the red bins down from storage.
play some jingle jams.
and really enjoy the reason for the season.

before we know it...
the big day will be here.
oh... and jack too.
he is out and about.
which reminds me... better go see what he's up to.

happy friday yall!
 here's to jingle jams & this great first weekend of december!