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had to have it... tuesday

had to have it tuesdaycarissa fox58 Comments

happy valentines day yall!
hope it has you feeling the love...
sharing lots of hugs...
and for sure enjoying a sweet treat... or two.

i wanted to share something today that i simply adore.
it's something red... how perfect for today...
and it just so happens it was made with a whole lot of love.

recently the beautiful Paige... of Simple Thoughts...
mentioned this great new thing she was embarking upon.
a new adventure.
i was taken in by her passion... often am... she's so inspiring... encouraging.
she's a spirit lifter for sure!
has a heart on fire for life... her family... and our mighty God.

her new adventure...... becoming an ambassador for the Noonday Collection.
have you heard of Noonday?
know the story?
i have to admit... it was new to me.
i tell you... i couldn't be more thrilled to now know about them.
what a great idea!
what an amazing purpose.


"Our passion at Noonday Collection
is to connect you with the lives of artisans struggling for a better future
while styling you along the way.
Fashion and design are a vehicle for opportunity and change.
You, too, can be a voice for the oppressed!"

these women are being empowered.
being shown what they have inside is special.
they are special.
literally creating hope & a passion for themselves and their children. 

and they're creating beauty too.
the collection... the artisians... make all kinds things!
you've got to see.

while i was learning more... peeking around...
this vibrant beauty caught my eye.
it's multi layered strands... pop of color.
um... hello!
then when Paige shared Coral's story with me...
my goodness... it was so neat to see the face behind those beads.


ever since the day it arrived... it's been on me almost every.
it's a fun piece!
and oh the compliments... it gets attention.
a lady at the grocery yesterday nearly tripped trying to get to me to ask about it.
she was funny... so cute.
it was pretty neat telling her about noonday too.


since i love you all so much...
and truly believe in what these artisians are doing...
believe each & every piece counts... spreads the word & purpose...
i want yOu to have a chance to pick out something special for yourself!
i'll be drawing a name for a $50 gift certificate to noonday!


all you have to do to be entered...
take a peek over at the Noonday Collection and then drop me a comment...
right down there... just below this post.
tell me something that struck your fancy.
caught your eye.
or just how you might use the gc if you're the winner.
that's it!
i'll be drawing a name next week!

thanks for peeking in today yall.

i'm off to enjoy the rest of this happy heart day...
wearing my feisty red necklace!