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dark or light grout

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Would-a... could-a... should-a.
When it came to the grout in our kitchen I can remember like it was yesterday the tile guy looking at me with "that look"... and saying "oh you don't want to do that".
I had planned on going darker with the grout...
really wanted to raise the volume a bit on the contrast there.
Nothing super wild... but allow the tile to show off a bit... you know?
Had seen so many pretty spaces with bold grout... they always seemed to catch my eye.

Are you a high contrast lover... like a darker grout line?
Or do you prefer the more subtle tone on tone look?

Clearly I let him talk me out of it.
One thing's for sure...
even though I've seen some crazy knock my socks off tile lately...
I still adore subway tile!
What is it about something so super simple... so cost effective... that can be so cool?!
It just is!

The possibilities really are endless when it comes to kitchen backsplash.
I could get sucked in for days.
Wait... I think I did once.

I'm still super pleased we went the subway route...
feel it will grow with my picky and crazy desire to refresh things often.
Being a good classic base.
I do sometimes wonder what if we'd gone dark with the grout... oh man... but you know... 
the longer we're in this house (think we hit a new record)...
the more it grows on me.
I think it's all part of slapping your arms around the home you're in.
Right now.
Loving the gifts and slab underfoot.
Living it up where you are!
I think Melissa's book is rubbing off on me. :)

Truly... I do think it all worked out as it should.
Looking at the house as a whole... I think it's a great fit... and a good match to our family.

Don't even get me started on open shelving though.
Now that...... I should-a.

our home's floor plan

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Wish I could have you over for coffee... tea... a little vino... show you in person.

I've had some sweet friends over at instagram ask about our home's layout.
Though it's not exactly a pretty rendition... I've attached our floor plan below for you to take a peek.

Give me a magazine full of floor plans and I could be entertained for hours!
WHAT is it about looking at those?
I love it!

Our goal was to build how we would live...
and since we kind of live loud... and like to be together... we went open.

We had the footprint of the lot to work with and there was no wiggle room.
My hubby was so great in drawing up our ideal layout before we met with the designer.
Other than a few tweaks... the hubs did great!

We played with the fireplace location a bit... but in the end I loved the idea of it being a floater.
Right smack in between our dining and living room (labeled great room).
Giving a bit of a division... but still leaving it open.
I have a crazy love for mid century ranch homes... OH MY DREAM...
so that fireplace being there was a sweet nod to that love.

Since we embrace casual with both arms we decided to forgo a "formal" dining room...
and went with one large gathering table.
There are times homework is happening on one end and we can still gather and eat on the other.

I love while I'm in the kitchen I can not only watch the kids out in front... 
but when they're splashing away outside in the back too.

I love the pocket door from our master closet into the laundry!

I love the light that flows in on a sunny day.

I love the big "come over here and talk to me while I cook" island.

I love our pool storage room... for those wild & crazy pool floats!

The back patio.

Oh... and that pig... on the front porch... he's become a funny fixture...
having moved with us from texas... to colorado... to wyoming... back to texas.
I can't seem to shake him.

Goodness... there really are many details I could go over.
So many things we like.
We tried our best to think and remember the big picture.
Trying to build some of the rooms as flex space... so the next family can use the rooms how they want.

We would have loved everything on one level... but again... the lot...
so we put our guest and what was originally going to be an unfinished storage room...
now our workout room... upstairs.
And it works out great!

All in all... we're tickled.
It was neat to see it go from thoughts... to paper... to walking in the front door.
This home is a gift... and getting to share life in it together... so cool!

I look forward to sharing more of the parts & pieces inside too.

I'd really love for you to come back tomorrow...
see our family room (labeled game room)... I'll be sharing some of that space tomorrow!

our master bath

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it's where we brush our teeth...
and wash our faces...
where he shaves...
while i try to tame my hair.
where our little one loves to take a bath.

Untitled Untitled

i'll say... i knOw... it's a simple blank canvas of a space right now.
would like to add some color... and touches here & there...
but it's one of those things i've been "getting to".
oh my word... my "getting to" list in this house is mighty.

it's not super noticeable here...
but the frames around the mirrors are actually a lighter shade.
have been pondering a color change to those.... easy enough.
i just keep going back & forth on that.


the making of it...
is such a process isn't it?!

sometimes the process & ideas flow like a river...
it feels clear... the direction you want to meander...
and other times... it seems your feet are stuck in the mud.

 i'm learning... that bOth are good... at least i think so. 

Untitled Untitled

i'm not a bath tub person... but felt it was important for resale.
so used to moving... it's part of me.

lil bit likes to bubble up & watch a show in there every so often.
precious little... she's like a tiny peanut in there.

you would have thought it was the world's most important decision...
when it came time to pick the plumbing fixtures.
just as my sister told me... i called her a bazillion times you know....
she was right...
in the end either way would have been perfectly great.

to me they're a bit "modern"... and a bit "classic".
i like that.
i'm really happy with them though... would choose them again no question.

one thing i was certain i wanted... i had them build in a little foot ledge.
see it down there in the shower?
so when i shave... i've got a foot prop.
that thing may be my favorite! 


subway tile... i clearly love it.
the grout color on the walls... the choosing of... of my word... that was a doozy too.
in this bath i finally leaped with subtle... by going low contrast.
for some reason i felt my mind would crave the simplicity... the quiet in here.

of course i see spaces with high contrasting grout... and i freak...
i love it so much.

the sconces... when i saw them... i knew.
i love their shape against the rectangle tile.

Untitled Untitled

the man cave.
the tile made it's way in here too...
in a high... almost five feet... wainscoting... around all walls.
can't believe i took a pic of the toilet. 

UntitledUntitled Untitled

there's a little nook on the opposite side of the shower...
right now... it's temporarily housing a small cabinet & a favorite print.
i'd like a tall narrow cabinet in there... to fit the area better...
and i'm thinking that might be a fun spot to add a pop of color too.

Untitled Untitled

it was funny... before it was built...
i imagined myself being at that sink (above)... the one on the right.
once we were actually standing in it... no way...
it felt right for me to be at the other.
hubby thought so too... we fell into place.
 i guess it's like when you go to a hotel and one side of the bed feels right.

i do want to add a hanging pendant above the tub.
just need to find one. 


i look forward to seeing how this space evolves.
my feet might feel stuck right now... but when i do get them out...
i love that part!
after all one of my favorite things is tweaking home.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

cabinet color... Benjamin Moore Galveston Gray
mirror frame color... Benjamin Moore Ozark Shadows
tile... honed vein cut limestone... in Chenille
subway tile... Daltile Rittenhouse Square... arctic white... 3x6
hex tile... Daltile Keystone Shapes... arctic white
faucets & heads... Purist by Kohler
sconces... Hinkley Lighting
toilet... Kohler... Tresham
hide... Cowhides International
floor grout... Custom... Oyster Gray
wall grout... Custom... Snow White (99.9% sure... i'm checking)
cabinet hardware... Rusticware satin nickel... My Knobs

if i'm missing something... and you're still curious...
by all means just give me a holler... super happy to share.